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It takes hard work and a human being to find just the sites on the Internet with real and relevant content. It is very easy to find yourself running around in circles chasing each list of links and finding yourself back where you started.

OneKey partnered with provides the largest database of kid safe sites. With a resource library that has the best that the Net has to offer, OneKey is the best starting point for users that are tired of looking for information on their own. Information is power and OneKey unlocks the power of the Net.

Sites and web pages containing pornography and explicit sexual content are blocked from search results. Our strategic partner Google strives to keep the filtering information as current and comprehensive as possible through continual crawling of the Web and by incorporating updates from user suggestions. If you find sites that contain offensive content in your results, please send an email with the site's URL to OneKey Safe Search and our partner will investigate it.

No need to update all of your links every time they change. Come to OneKey and we will unlock the Net for you.

OneKey Privacy Policy

We at OneKey recognize the importance of protecting your personal information. You have our assurance that:

OneKey Advertising Information
Please contact Jim Perkins for advertising information.
Jim can be reached at 1212 Monticello Drive; Villa Rica, GA 30180.

OneKey Staff
Jim Perkins
Jim works as a Controller for a major manufacturer. He formerly worked in IT and Accounting with GE among other companies. He holds a MS in Management Information Systems and a BS in Accounting and Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.

Until December, 1995, Jim did not intend to start OneKey. But the Internet was the most frustrating environment Jim had ever experienced. It just took too long to find good information, but Jim knew it was out there. Jim asked his wife Annette if they could risk all of their savings, borrow every dollar they could and started OneKey.

Another search engine started at the same time with Venture capital. That other search engine was Yahoo. Jim continues to run OneKey on a shoe string.

Jim and his wife are active in the Catholic church. At Annette's urging, Jim spent a weekend going through Cursillo. They like to say that the Holy Spirit is a member of the board of OneKey. Without prayer, there is no way this many people can live in harmony on earth.

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