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Five Technologies That Could Change Everything

I remember a professor in school once telling me that he could not teach me what was going on today, he needed to teach me the future. That way, by the time I graduate, I am prepared for what I will be seeing not what others have already seen.

So what are the 5 technologies that when they are successful will change the world's energy picture? Based on a Wall Street Journal Article, these technologies are:
  1. Space Based Solar Power - Scientific America stated that Pacific Gas and Electric started investing in this technology that harnesses solar power on a 24 hour basis because of receptacles in space.
  2. Advanced Car Batteries - Anyone notice that Hybrids have taken off. The next generation of batteries presents limitless possibilities using Stimulus Money to do it.
  3. Utility Storage - Redding Electric Utility chose Ice Energy to store sufficient energy for peak season.
  4. Carbon Capture and Storage - Scientific America points out that it will be too late if we do not start investing today. It is worth trying.
  5. Next Generation Biofuels - Scientific America again explored this topic.
So as you are studying, please follow these topics.
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We must Go For Energy and the Environment Site of the Week
Scientific American - Of course. After we talked about them in the editorial, they were the only logical source for news about the science of tomorrow. If you enjoy reading this, then consider a degree in engineering (it pays well).

Parents Get Active

The number 1 way that children succeed in school is to have a parent that gets involved. My wife teaches kindergarten. She sees it every day. The students that are at the top of the class are those where the parents are involved.

Here are six ways that parents can get more involved in their students life and develop a better relationship with your kids teachers according to Jan Harp Domene, former PTA national president:
  1. Introduce Yourself - If they do not know you, you will not be able to bridge the gaps when problem arise. Open the communications early so your kids teacher will call when problems are still small.
  2. Be Positive - Explain to the teacher and your child that you are there to help. The worst thing that you can do is start critizing your child's teacher as to there teaching method. Remember, today with No Kid Left Behind, every teacher is down to less that 5% of the time which is discretionary.
  3. Understand the Teachers' objectives - Start early with understanding what is expected of your child for the semester and the year so that nothing is a surprise. My wife sees it in her parents because they can not believe how much the children have to learn by the end of the year.
  4. Attend parent-teacher conferences - This is time set aside for you to have a one on one conversation with your child's teacher just to talk about your child. The dates and times are flexible so work out a time that you can be there. It is important.
  5. Show Up - If you are visible at school, then your child will benefit.
  6. Join Parent Groups - Join the PTA and get online with Great and These are great teacher resources that you can learn about school from a teachers perspective.
Looking back, the time that your kids need your help passes quickly. Take it from my wife and I, we are empty nesters now with 2 kids in college and now enjoy the freedom that comes with not having those responsibilities any more.

Juggle now, play later. You will never regret it.

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2009 New Yorker Desk Diaries
Back to School Site of the Week (Sponsored by:
BN Home 20% off - Children can now collect downloadable monsters called Nanovor that they will be able to pit against each other by linking together pocket-size devices. Is this the next Pokemon? Only time will tell, but I suggest parents come up to speed real quick, especially if you have boys 7 to 12, because this is what they will be asking for this Christmas.

Interactive Tutors For Your Kids?

There are 6 web sites now promoting tutoring to your children for a fee. Each of these sites offer a free trial, but make sure that you cancel before the end of the trial otherwise your credit card will get charged.

The sites that are featured today are:

My Recommendation is for parents or educators to try it out first together with your child. Remember, if they do not use it, the fee is a waste of time. If they want to use it, then the money is secondard to the educational advances that you child is making.

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2009 New Yorker Desk Diaries
Test Taking Humor Site of the Week (Sponsored by:
BN Home 20% off
How Stuff - For the third year in a row, the federal minimum wage has increased. On Friday, a minimum hourly rate of $7.25 went into effect -- up from $6.55. Who's responsible for deciding how much minimum wage should be? For the answer to this question and more, go to How Stuff

Have a great summer vacation and get ready for a fantastic school year.

What are we Doing This Summer?

It is very difficult when our families have to scale back. The economy has forced everyone to think about how to survive.

We have college students telling their friends, I have to take a year off. When pressed, they usually don't reveal that they need to help the family survive back home by working. They usually say, well I am burned out and need the time off.

The kids ask parents, so where are we going this summer? The parents just look at each other and say, well we are going to explore the area right around our community. There are so many things we have never done.

With both of my kids raised, I think back to the many trips we took. Yes, it was fun going all of those places. But what I wish we would have done more is just spending more time together. So if your kids are under 12, do more activities as a family while they still want to be with you. That time will pass all so quickly and pretty soon you find yourself asking, can I come visit you at college and they respond, this is not a good weekend.

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Stories About Summer Vacation Site of the Week
HomeSchooling - 101 Things to do this Summer - At a loss for something to do, check this site out for some great ideas.

Advancing Kids in School Not By Age

Graduate High School at 18. Is that a requirement. In almost all schools, kids continue to progress in school based on their age and passing minimum tests.

Now, 1 school in Chugach District in Alaska has tried something new. The school district featured one of the lowest scores in the nation. Now dropout rates are cut nearly in half, students now consistently test above state averages in reading, writing and math, and more than two-thirds of graduates now go to college. How?

Students are no longer advanced based on age. They are advanced based on grasp of skills. This is especially important for students who start out kindergarten without the benefit of a nuturing environment at home and the benefits of pre-school. If they start out behind, in most cases they never catch up and then by the time they are in High School, they are so far behind, they drop out and become a drain on society.

Now, according to Parade Magazine, Westminster, Colorado is trying the same thing. Is this a fad? I certainly hope not. I hope that we can gear the education process so that every child can be given a track that enables them to succeed equally.

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Favorite School Jokes Site of the Week
Public School Insights.Org - I found this site while I was researching the featured story this week. I started going through it and found that they are doing what we all want, trying to find ideas that will help schools get better. Check it out and find out who Jasmine Britton is.

Super Bowl Coach Not Talked About

When Mike Tomlin ran out on the field for the Super Bowl and later ran off the field as the Super Bowl champion coach, I did not read one story about Mike Tomlin as a black head coach. Why? Because in 2006, my Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith and his counter part at Indianapolis, Tony Dungy already had paved the way.

When Mike Tomlin ran off the field in Tampa Bay, he was just a Super Bowl champion coach. That is what made it such a significant issue. The issue was that it was not significant.

President Obama has been in office for less than 1 month. I have not read one story about him as a black man. Now the stories are normal about how he is on his 4th choice for Commerce Secretary.

Dr. King's dream was that all men/women are treated equally. Even though the framers of the constitution were slave owners, what they wrote was greater than even them.

Please make today a non significant day. In these times, let us work even harder to work together. That is the only way we will get through this dark time in our history and turn on the light of a brighter future.

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Medical Humor Site of the Week(Sponsored by Belcor Home Furnishings):

Children's Hospital of Boston - When Lucy Mercier wrote me to tell me about the Children's Hospital of Boston web site, I put it in my stack of sites to look at. I get a lot of requests from various sites around the world to feature them on However, recently I have ministered to several individuals that have gone through Cancer and I was ready for a site that could focus on keeping a positive attitude during times when it is easy to focus on the negatives. This is one hospital's way of creating a network for families and children to work together to get through these tough times. Check out Zebrafish and if you sign up, you will find out what happens to Vita's friend on Episode 3 (which is only available if you register).

Competition Gone Wrong

When the young women from Dallas Academy took to the court on January 13, 2009, they were just out to play a competitive basketball game. They knew the team that they faced was very good. They knew in the back of their minds that there was no way that they could beat them. But they also knew that the score did not matter. They represented their school and they were going to make their school proud of them.

The final score was 100-0. We do not know what went through the minds of the young women from Covenant School. We can say they were a reflection of their coach, Micah Grimes. Coach Grimes had the girls in full court press until 4 minutes left in the game after they scored their 100th point.

Coach Grimes is no longer the coach at Covenant Christian. Why, because when the school apologized for their play, Coach Grimes disagreed. The school, built on Christian values, did not think that Coach Grimes represented them.

My hope is that Coach Grimes never coaches Youth again. Youth need to learn that competition is one thing, fair play and "Christian Values" is another. What should the girls from Covenant Christian learn from this experience? Take a lead from the girls from Dallas Academy. When they left the court that day, they held their heads up high. They knew that they gave it their best and walked off the court proudly. They absolutely represented their school.

The full story is available at the Dallas News.

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Sports Seems Appropriate
Site of the Week(Sponsored by Belcor Home Furnishings):

Youth Radio - sponsors Youth Radio. It is great fun listening to the youth and their insights. I was especially touched by a teen that decided that she would not get her drivers license because cars polute so badly. I hope she can remember these ideals many years from now.

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