IoT security specialist ONEKEY presents new technology and tools at the two most important IT security conferences in 2022

Düsseldorf/Germany, July 18, 2022 – The two tech conferences Black Hat and DEF CON are considered the unofficial nerve center of global IT security. German companies are rather rarely allowed to present at these two events. This year, German cybersecurity company ONEKEY will present a newly developed security technology for analyzing software. “At both events, hackers, cybersecurity experts, government officials and security company employees will discuss together the latest developments in the battle for global cybersecurity. With our focus on the industrial sector of the Internet of Things, such as computerized controls in manufacturing and industrial facilities, critical infrastructure, medical and automotive industries, we are pleased to present our new technology and tools in workshops to the world’s leading security community,” says Jan Wendenburg, CEO of ONEKEY.

Legal hacking in Las Vegas

Evil hackers wearing a “black hat” gave Black Hat its name, but they are hardly to be found there these days. Rather, the conference – just like DEF CON – is about thinking like a criminal hacker to best protect the world’s IT lifelines. “In recent months, hacking has even become a powerful weapon of war, hitting more and more critical infrastructure facilities, hospitals or even energy providers. In generally economically critical times, IT security should therefore be an absolute priority, so as not to endanger either people or machines,” comments Jan Wendenburg of ONEKEY. The two conferences are considered must-attend events for those who see “hacking” as a professional obligation to protect against crime. At the conferences, companies are sometimes surprised when hackers have secretly cracked a product and present the results. 

Sustainable protection of the global economy

For the ONEKEY security experts, the two hacker conferences, Black Hat and DEF CON, are important hubs for exchanging information with experts on all aspects of IT security. “In the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, there are no longer any products, machines, and systems that can do without electronics and software. All of them are connected to the Internet – and thus they are potential targets for attack,” says Jan Wendenburg of ONEKEY. The company already protects numerous companies and institutions and operates one of the largest platforms for automated analysis of IoT operating systems with respect to potential threats. The commitment to the industrial digitalization of companies is a particular focus of the company’s new security technology in order to protect the global economy in the long term.