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Binary Static Analysis – The Final Frontier

Discover how the new feature for identifying zero-days in binaries files light on previously unexplored security risks in executable binaries. Learn more about our approach to decompilation, static code analysis and noise reduction to create a more secure digital environment. Learn more about the intricacies of our journey to improved cybersecurity.

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Cyber Resilience Act on the Verge of Passage: EU Agrees on Rules for Connected Products

Presentation of the latest updates to the draft Cyber Resilience Act (CRA): A significant step forward in the EU’s cybersecurity landscape, mandating extended security update periods and introducing SBOM guidelines. ONEKEY aligns with these enhancements through its new and patent pending Compliance Wizard™, marking a pivotal moment in securing connected products.

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Latest Developments in Unblob (3)

Discover the latest UNBLOB developments, new features, and key changes in our blog post. Stay updated with our presentations at Blackhat Asia and BlackHat EU, the growing popularity of our GitHub repository, and major UNBLOB updates, including the FileSystem API, improved logging, and pattern auto-identification.

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