Düsseldorf/Germany, October 17, 2022

ONEKEY – one of the leading European specialists for automated IoT/OT security & compliance analyzes and CERTAINITY GmbH – the European cybersecurity consultant, will conduct joint research activities in the cybersecurity environment in the future. The focus will be on networked, intelligent devices and industrial controls and the results will be published on a regular basis.

Digitalization offers extraordinary opportunities for the economy and society. Nevertheless this also create considerable risks of espionage, manipulation and endangerment of privacy. Cyberattacks are becoming smarter; the threat in this respect has increased steadily in Europe in recent years. The research cooperation between ONEKEY and CERTAINITY will focus on the various security risks of networked, intelligent devices and industrial controls in the coming months. Their selection is carried out by ONEKEY and takes place in accordance with their Disclosure Policy.

I am thrilled that we can proactively address the current and future cybersecurity challenges for critical infrastructure in close cooperation with the leading company in the field of OT and IoT firmware analysis. We will thus make a significant contribution to the general improvement of cybersecurity.”

Michael Brunner, PhD. – Partner, Head of Security Engineering bei CERTAINITY GmbH

CERTAINITY supports its customers as a cybersecurity consultant with various security issues. The portfolio of services offered ranges from strategic and operational security consulting, as well as questions about offensive and defensive security, advice on various processes and the development of a sustainable security architecture.



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