92% of all IoT/OT firmwares tested contain vulnerabilities

Automate your product security NOW
Security and compliance are not usually at the forefront of IoT/OT device development and production.
Based on IoT Inspector’s experience, 92% of all tested device firmwares – including those from well-known manufacturers – have vulnerabilities, some of them serious.

How to close the security gap NOW

Whether you develop IoT/OT products yourself or buy them from suppliers.
With IoT Inspector, you can automate and maximize security and
compliance of your IoT/OT products now.
Automate security tests and compliance checks.
Early risk detection
Transparent Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).
Automatic testing of third-party components
Ongoing monitoring of previous versions
Seamless integration into your processes & tools
Full automation possible
Lower costs
With little effort and low costs, you thus manage to sustainably improve product safety in your company, authority or organization.

Automated solutions specifically for manufacturers and users of IoT/OT devices.

With the IoT Inspector, we have developed an automatic and integrated solution especially for manufacturers and users of IoT/OT devices.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities, benefits and process integration without obligation.

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Why IoT Inspector?

As pentesters, we know the impact even small security vulnerabilities can have on project progress and product success.

To save you time, money and nerves we have developed the IoT Inspector platform – one of the leading security analyses on the market.

Whether you are a manufacturer or user of IoT/OT products: With the IoT Inspector, we help you develop or use secure products of the highest quality in the easiest way possible.