Automate Product cybersecurity
with automated SBOM and vulnerability detection & compliance check

Zero setup. Instant result. Lifetime monitoring.


DO YOU CARE about what’s inside of what you produce, choose or operate as IoT/OT devices?

Implementing complete software supply chain transparency through automated security analysis and compliance checks will substantially support your core mission.

WHY DO I NEED a Software-Bill-Of-Material (SBOM)?

A Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) lists all software components of a given software. As a producer, it will reduce unscheduled work and avoid components with known vulnerabilities from ending in your products. When choosing or purchasing products, an SBOM will enable a more accurate calculation of total cost of ownership and easier due diligence. As operator, an SBOM will enable you faster identification and resolution of vulnerabilities.  

How to close the Product cybersecurity gap ?

Whether you develop IoT or OT devices yourself or buy them from suppliers,
ONEKEY can automate and maximize your product cybersecurity and
compliance of your connected devices now.

Automated cybersecurity tests and compliance checks.

Early risk detection.

Transparent Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Automatic testing of third-party components.

Ongoing monitoring of previous versions.

Seamless integration into your processes & tools.

Full automation possible.

Lower costs.

With little effort and low costs, you sustainably improve
product cybersecurity in your company, authority or organization.

Automated solutions tailored to Producers and operators
of IoT/OT devices.

The ONEKEY firmware analysis platform has been developed as an automated and integrated solution specifically for producers and operators of IoT/OT devices.

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities, benefits, and process integration without obligation.

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We develop/integrate IoT/OT devices for our customers.


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ONEKEY is a technology-leading European firmware analysis platform available worldwide. The core technology was developed by world-leading pentesting experts and has been continuously enhanced since then.

ONEKEY is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or on-premise for automated security and compliance analysis of connected devices and embedded systems running IoT/OT firmware. ONEKEY does not require source code, network or physical access.

The platform provides complete supply chain transparency through automated Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM), deep security checks, compliance analysis, and product lifetime monitoring including 24/7 auto-alerting for new vulnerabilities. The ONEKEY firmware analysis platform provides an easy to use web interface  and a powerful API that allows for seamless integration with existing tools such as CI/CD, vulnerability management platforms, or ticketing systems.

ONEKEY’s security experts are available for implementation, API integration, and consultation on your current product cybersecurity process.

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