wizlynx group and IoT Inspector are pleased to announce their collaboration today. According to IoT Inspector’s motto #makeIoTsecure, the two companies join forces in order to bring increased IoT firmware analysis capacities to global customers.

About IoT Inspector

IoT Inspector’s technology enables automated firmware testing of IoT devices for critical security vulnerabilities in just a few clicks. The integrated Compliance Checker simultaneously uncovers violations of international security standards and regulatory requirements. Vulnerabilities for external attacks and security risks are identified in the shortest possible time and can be remedied in a targeted manner. The solution, which is easy to use via the web interface, detects unknown security risks for manufacturers and distributors of IoT technology, including products manufactured by an OEM partner. Infrastructure providers, consulting companies, scientists and system houses also benefit from the offering and provide added value to their customers.

About wizlynx group

wizlynx group is an ethical, trustworthy, and vendor agnostic global cybersecurity provider that companies can rely on to effectively protect their business and trade secrets against any form of cybercrime, such as malware outbreak, malicious insiders, cyberattacks, cyber espionage, data leakage, and more…

wizlynx group’s cybersecurity services are managed by highly skilled security professionals and penetration testers with long-lasting experience in both defense and offense, holding the most recognized certifications in the industry. “We live and breathe cybersecurity!” is wizlynx group’s mantra.

“We are very excited to partner with wizlynx as one of the leading providers or cybersecurity solutions. Unfortunately, IoT security is still a blind spot in many organizations and corporations. We know that wizlynx is taking this topic very seriously, and we are pleased to provide automated and effortless IoT firmware security analyses to wizlynx’s customers.”

Rainer M. Richter – IoT Inspector CEO and Co-Founder

“We are indeed delighted to partner with IoT Inspector. wizlynx group protects thousands of customers all over the world, many of which are Fortune 100 companies, against various cyber threats.  IoT Inspector is a great and significant addition to our cyber security solutions portfolio, with the target to offer a complete protection for our customers wishing to regularly analyze the firmware of their IoT devices and discover vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do!”

Yann Chalençon – Head of Cyber Security Services at wizlynx group

Wizlynx group

IoT Inspector is the leading European platform for automated security analysis and compliance checks of IoT firmware. It is the easiest way to examine large amount of device firmware for vulnerabilities and its compliance with international security standards.

wizlynx group is globally CREST certified and has designed a wide cybersecurity service portfolio that covers the entire risk management lifecycle to ensure maximum customer protection. It starts with security assessment, such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing ethical hacking for mobile applications, web applications, networks, and systems, but also secure code review, red teaming and more…

IoT device manufacturers struggle with short product lifecycles, heavy competition, complex supply-chains, and intense focus on ever-evolving product features.  Too often, security falls short. With increasing pressure from regulatory bodies and customers alike, both demanding secure IoT devices, this opens a great opportunity for IoT Inspector and wizlynx group.