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A software supply chain refers to the series of activities that are involved in the development, distribution, and maintenance of software. It includes all of the processes, people, and tools that are involved in creating, testing, distributing, and updating software.

The software supply chain typically begins with the development of the software, which involves designing and writing the code that makes up the software. This may involve multiple teams of developers working together to create different components of the software. After the software has been developed, it goes through a testing process to ensure that it is of high quality and meets the specified requirements.

Once the software has been tested and is ready to be released, it is distributed to users through various channels, such as through online download platforms or through physical media. The software may also be packaged with other software or hardware products and sold as part of a bundle.

The software supply chain also includes processes for maintaining and updating the software over time. This may involve releasing patches to fix bugs or security vulnerabilities, or releasing new versions of the software with additional features or functionality.