Categories: Automotive, Regulations

UNECE R 155 is a proposal for a new United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulation on the approval of vehicles with regards to cyber security and cyber security management systems. The proposal aims to establish requirements for the design, testing, and approval of vehicles with regards to their cyber security.


The proposal includes provisions for the development of a cyber security management system (CSMS) that would be used to ensure the ongoing security of vehicles throughout their lifecycle. The CSMS would include processes for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, as well as guidelines for the maintenance and update of vehicles to ensure their ongoing security.


The goal of UNECE R 155 is to ensure the safety and security of vehicles with regards to cyber threats and to prevent accidents and injuries caused by the misuse or failure of vehicle systems. If adopted, the regulation would apply to all vehicles covered by the UNECE 1958 Agreement, including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles.