The all new and patent-pending COMPLIANCE WIZARD™ will guide you through the complex journey of your product cybersecurity assessments. A unique combination of automated vulnerability detection, CVE prioritisation, and filtering with a holistic interactive regulation questionnaire will reduce efforts, costs and time of your product cybersecurity compliance process.


Effortlessly navigate the complexities of increasing cybersecurity requirements and risks. The automated solution intuitively guides you through the compliance process, ensuring effective compliance management.

Many cybersecurity standards like the upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and existing standards like
ETSI 303 645, IEC 62443-4-2, are already included and its growing each day.

Identify the regulations relevant to your business - including geography, legislation, industry, customer requirements - and determine the specific scope of the regulation that corresponds to the respective product requirements.

Run automated, comprehensive analysis of your firmware on the ONEKEY Product Cybersecurity and Compliance Platform (PCCP) to check the technical compliance of your product, including vulnerability , software composition (SCA), and gap analysis, as well as software bill of material (SBOM) creation.

Run assisted and guided compliance questionnaire of the new Compliance Wizard™ to easily assess the current state of your organisation's compliance, related to product cybersecurity, i.e. the product lifecycle, perform gap analysis and consolidate your relevant documentation.

The patent-pending Compliance Wizard™ fully automates a comprehensive self-assessment report for your selected product (firmware). This report includes a detailed summary of all analyses and documents, extensive reporting, and a carefully prepared declaration. You can easily export everything and seamlessly submit it for authoritative third-party certification, optimizing your time and significantly reducing external costs.

Everything at a glance in one central interface

The Compliance Wizard™ guides you through the compliance process. From technical compliance to a comprehensive self-assessment.

Traffic light system: instantly shows at each step your compliance status with colour-coded indicators: green for non-violation, red for violation.

Quick access to relevant compliance areas: such as product information, the questionnaire and an overview of requirements.

Compliance Overview: shows you the overall status making it easy to keep track of compliance across different products and regulations.

Our system not only simplifies the compliance process, but also gives you the control and information you need for ongoing compliance.

Ease of Compliance:
Automated, Editable, and Flexible

  • Dialogue-led as-is analysis and documentation of technical and organisational compliance
  • List of sections and provisions: View all regulatory requirements at a glance, and see the level of compliance.
  • Selection of relevant chapters: to remove irrelevant aspects from your compliance process
  • Editable panels: Customize your compliance requirements with conditional questionnaires and IXIT requirements.
  • Upload of relevant product information – the Compliance Wizard™  automatically extracts and incorporates the information into answering compliance questions.
  • Flexible assessment: In addition to automated assessment, manual assignment of “compliant / non-compliant” with annotation option
  • Override automated checks: Users can manually override the system’s automated compliance suggestions for more tailored tracking.

  • Manual tracking: Allows for the manual recording and monitoring of compliance provisions.

  • Monitoring changes in evidences: The Compliance Wizard™  tracks changes in compliance issues or CVE evidences and updates the status of provisions accordingly.

    • Changelog by user with audit history

Compliance Assessment

Using the Compliance Wizard™  results in a thorough self-assessment of compliance management, reflecting the maturity level in meeting analyzed requirements. The platform generates a detailed report outlining compliance levels and areas of improvement. Users can export all essential information in a structured format for self-attestation, external certification and compliance documentation.

The Product Cybersecurity and Compliance Platform (PCCP) also enables streamlined exporting of comprehensive compliance bundles and the creation of official conformity statements for regulations like CRA, complete with a signature line, all through one key platform.

Auditor examining a customer's self-declaration of cybersecurity compliance, created using the ONEKEY Compliance Wizard, in line with standards like ETSI EN 303645, CRA, IEC 62443

How the Compliance Wizard™ Benefits Your Business

  • One-time setup, ongoing ease: Effortlessly navigate complex compliance requirements with a one-time setup, followed by an automated, and assisted streamlined process.
  • Time-saving documentation: Save significant time in creating and maintaining compliance documentation, with initial efforts leading to automated updates and maintenance.
  • Consistent compliance assurance: Ensure your products consistently meet current and upcoming security standards with minimal manual intervention.
  • Compliance efficiency: Optimise your compliance processes for smoother operations and a secure software supply chain.
  • Simplified regulations navigation: Navigate effortlessly through regulations such as the CRA with a clear and simplified approach.
  • Automated security management: Leverage automation for threat management to reduce risk, lower costs and optimise resource utilisation to improve the overall security posture.

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