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Product cybersecurity is mandatory in today’s connected world!


As physical products are becoming increasingly digital and connected, the security of software, connections and data is a crucial element in product development.


Regardless if you develop software internally, you have outsourced development or if you take a hybrid approach – product cybersecurity needs a comprehensive approach to ensure best-in-class coverage and protection.


ONEKEY’s security experts have extensive experience in software product security, they are internationally awarded security researchers and experts. They will assist you throughout the product lifecycle by understanding your threat landscape and attack surface, identifying vulnerabilities, establishing security quality locks, and performing continuous controls.

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We will assess your current software development practices, and rate it according to industry standards, such as IEC 62443-4-1 for manufacturing, ISO 13485 for vendors of medical devices, or ISO/SAE 21434 for the automotive industry. Jointly, we will develop a roadmap for your software development processes to embed necessary security controls and practices and support, following “secure by design” principles.

Threat Modeling

After decomposing the architecture of your product and analyzing data flows, we will evaluate threats originating from various threat actors. The resulting threat model will highlight missing mitigating controls therefore you can comply with your security requirements.

Design & Architecture Review

To support your endeavors towards “secure by design” principles, we will review the architecture and design of hardware, software, and network layer of your product to validate its cyber resilience and advise you on how to raise its security level.


Security Test Automation for Build-Chains

We will review your current build chain and suggest automated security controls that can be integrated into the automated build process for early feedback, which will help your developers build a more secure product.

Source Code Review

In addition to automated security tests at the source code level, we will manually review your source code for security vulnerabilities and logic issues with the help of our automated analysis engine. Recommended mitigations will assist rapid fixing of vulnerabilities to avoid in-the-wild exploitation and abuse by cyber-criminals.

Configuration Review

We will review the operating system as well as all services running on the device for insecure configuration. Actionable advice and recommended configuration changes will raise the overall resilience of the product.

Independent 3rd Party Assessment

To support client demands that may require a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) as well as insights into vulnerabilities affecting your device, we are your trusted independent partner to provide that information and support you in fulfilling your client’s needs.

Penetration Test (Pentest)

From an attacker’s point of view, we will attempt to exploit any security vulnerabilities we find in the product and supporting systems, which may lead to unauthorized access or compromise of the device. During the pentests, we provide detailed proof-of-concepts that validate security issues and mitigation recommendations. This enables you to close potential gaps immediately.

Conformity Testing

Various industries and governments impose security requirements on devices. We will verify that your product conforms with industry standards and is compliant with effective regulatory frameworks.

Firmware Extraction & Decryption

To assure that threat actors with physical access to your device can’t easily analyze it and access your intellectual property, we will validate physical security controls and attempt to gain unauthorized access to data stored on the device. This approach can also be used to acquire forensic images of compromised devices.


Security Monitoring for PSIRT

To support pro-active vulnerability management of your product security incident response team (PSIRT) we will alert you about newly discovered vulnerabilities and emerging threats that may impact your product. An impact assessment will help you prioritize remediation efforts.

Vulnerability Triage & Mitigation Support

As soon as you notice an ongoing cyber attack targeting your product, or as soon as a security researcher reports a vulnerability to you, you will want to assess its risk and initiate appropriate mitigating controls. We will support you with triage of vulnerabilities and security issues, and derive actionable mitigating advice.

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