Detect critical cybersecurity gaps in your devices 

with the ONEKEY firmware analysis platform. 

These companies and many others rely on the ONEKEY firmware analysis:

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IoT/ OT devices - The blind spot in your enterprise cybersecurity

67% of all organizations have experienced cybersecurity incidents related to IoT/ OT devices. Yet, there are often insufficient protective measures in place in this area. The reasons:

Lack of awareness of the cybersecurity issues associated with IoT/ OT devices

of the threat

Lack of
possible solutions

Too costly implementation
of cybersecurity processes

High resource

Dependence on "cybersecurity promises" from external parties (vendors, etc.)

High costs

Using the ONEKEY firmware analysis, you can act now and automate
your IoT/OT cybersecurity analytics.
Fully integrated into your business processes, or we can perform them for you on your behalf.

The result: you get a clear overview of the cybersecurity of your connected devices or IoT/ OT infrastructure, including recommendations for action.

ONEKEY makes Cybersecurity & compliance transparent
and visible:

Critical vulnerabilities in IoT/OT devices immediately visible

Digital-twin analysis, no physical device access or network connection

Transparent software bill of materials (SBOM)

Direct reference to known vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerabilities /

Detects hard-coded passwords

Deep cryptographic analysis

Compliance to international standards

cyberSecurity is a process, not a state

Seamless integration into your existing purchasing processes, cybersecurity
audits and incident management systems ensures sustainable results and
thus supports your “Continuous Improvement Process”.

ONEKEY supports your “Continuous Improvement Cycle” by seamless integration into your existing procurement process, cybersecurity audits and incident management systems to ensure sustainable results without minimum effort.

The result: you acquire and operate only verified, high-quality IoT/ OT software – for every device.

Reduce procurement and operational risks by full software supply chain transparency and automated SBOMs within your procurement and auditing process. You will identify and avoid products with critical vulnerabilities and receive autoalerts about vulnerabilities affecting your important infrastructure and production.

Continuous twin digital monitoring

ONEKEY monitors 24/7/365 all uploaded firmware daily on new vulnerabilities

Full integration with your existing processes and tools:


automated deployment (upload) of each (newly delivered) IoT/OT
firmware version to ONEKEY 


automatic analysis


automatic delivery of results to your IT Security Audit / Incident Management environment

The result: Fully automated cybersecurity and compliance testing ensures sustainable quality

Your benefits using ONEKEY:

You can concentrate entirely on your core competencies. We help you achieve
maximum protection with minimum effort:


safety analyses in /
just a few minutes.

Saving of (human) capital/ resources

Critical resources, such as security experts and pentesters, are sustainably relieved by automatic checks.

Ready for action 24/7 at any time

You decide when to have which devices analysed – and don’t have to depend on pentester availability.

100% reliable analyses

ONEKEY guarantees you consistent quality.


You no longer have to rely on security promises from vendors or manufacturers – you can see for yourself the security quality of the equipment.


Hiring a pentester for every new update to all your IoT devices is unrealistic. ONEKEY enables you to perform highly scalable, unlimited security analyses – no matter how many devices and updates.

Permanent improvement in safety

Gradually test your inventory devices and continuously optimize your cybersecurity.

Safety from
the beginning

Your enterprise protection starts with the purchase of new IoT devices. With ONEKEY, security analysis BEFORE purchase becomes an automatic implementation process.

Free initial analysis of your IoT devices

Exclusively for companies and government agencies, we offer a free
analysis of your firmware:


SetUp Your Analysis

To ensure perfect results for your initial analysis, we will have a first short meeting. Here we will check your requirements, expectations, and further schedule.


We will be able to discuss potential benefits and how ONEKEY can help you
to optimize your cybersecurity & compliance testing processes, increase transparency through automated SBOMs and to reduce your effort and costs.


Your Free Analysis & SBOM – Joint Session With Experts

Following to the SetUp and the firmware provided, we will carry out a full security & compliance analysis, including an automated SBOM (Software Bill of Materials).


The results will be presented to you by a security expert in a joint online session, including samples of mitigation advice for selected and found vulnerabilities. You will receive a copy of the report or online access for your own internal review.


Review & Decision

After a successful analysis and your internal review, we will discuss the results, your feedback and potential steps moving forward jointly.

Here, we will have the joint opportunity to outline the advantages of automated security & compliance for your products to ensure confidence for your development team.

Get Your Firmware Checked For Free: Don't Wait, Act Now!

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Our security experts will contact you promptly with instructions on how to send your firmware*. Our quick and efficient check will validate in minutes if your firmware is secure and compliant, i.e. with the upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act. 


No Obligations. Zero costs & setup. Instant results.


ONEKEY is a technology-leading European firmware analysis platform available worldwide. The core technology was developed by world-leading pentesting experts and has been continuously enhanced since then.

ONEKEY is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or onPremise for automated security and compliance analysis of connected devices and embedded systems running IoT/OT firmware. ONEKEY does not require source code, network or physical access.

The platform provides complete supply chain transparency through automated Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM), deep security checks, compliance analysis, and product lifetime monitoring including 24/7 autoalerting for new vulnerabilities. The ONEKEY firmware analysis platform provides an easy to use web interface  and a powerful API that allows for seamless integration with existing tools such as CI/CD, vulnerability managers, or ticketing systems.

ONEKEY’s security experts are available for implementation, API integration and consultation on your current product cybersecurity process.