IoT Inspector - Free for Students and Academia

IoT Inspector Edu

Your wish is our command! Due to enormous interest from research and academia in our security analysis platform IoT Inspector, we have decided to open it free of charge for students, teachers and academic researchers. You can now analyze IoT firmware images for security vulnerabilities – for your university projects or for your own research activities.

We designed IoT Inspector Edu for:

IoT Inspector Edu – Free of Charge for Students, Teachers and Academic Researchers

“IoT Inspector empowers our students to gather valuable findings for their papers and theses, and to contribute to making the Internet of Things more secure. It’s a great initiative that IoT Inspector offers its tool to academia for free, and I look forward to many interesting publications.”
Thorsten Holz, Ruhr University Bochum

The IoT Firmware Analysis Platform

IoT Inspector empowers corporate customers, service providers, researchers, and – of course – manufacturers to run automated security analyses and compliance checks of IoT firmware before attackers get a chance to exploit any vulnerabilities. IoT Inspector delivers instant results, is scalable and cost-effective – no source code, no network connectivity, and no physical device access is required. Our mission is to secure the Internet of Things, and global leaders trust in us. IoT Inspector was initially developed in 2015 and is based in Germany.

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