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Best Internet Kid Safe Sites

  1. Deal of the Day - The hottest site offering information about sales before they are advertised to the public. Through this site, many shoppers are going in before the sales, then simply getting a refund on the day of the sale instead of standing in long lines.

  2. WebMD - The best medical advice is available from WebMD.

  3. PC Magazine - PC Magazine and its editors have spent a lot of time developing this web site. From the downloads or the software reviews, this site offers it all.

  4. Dr. Phil - Yes, Dr. Phil is there for you with advice on real life problems. Find advice on everything from 7 steps to breaking an addiction to finding financial and martial harmony. Yes Dr. Phil cares.

  5. How To Do... - What do you want to learn how to do? They are continuously updating the site for everything. Do you want to learn how to fuel a race care, how to avoid arguing in front of the children, or how to build a stone wall. It is all here or will soon be here. Have fun.

  6. PBS On-line - PBS has something for everyone, kids and adults alike. Are you into the arts? History? Science? The many sites within this vast megasite will keep you learning for a long time.

  7. Travelocity - Definitely the best travel site to search for deals on airfares. You can even get an email each time a fare changes to your chosen destination. They've also got a destination guide, as well as car, hotel, and airline reservations.

  8. IVillage - IVillage has everything about the home: the forums include family, pets, money, gardening, and more. The interactive features really make the site, taking advantage of multimedia capabilities. They're connected with the Hearst magazine site, including good Housekeeping, Country Living, Popular Mechanics, and Victoria.

  9. Free Greeting Cards and Free Maps from Yahoo - With many sites requiring you to pay for greeting cards, Yahoo maintains free cards and maps.

  10. - If they have been important, then Biography has covered them and put the details here at their web site. Click here and find your favorites.

  11. USA Today - When ever I get away from my home, I tune into to the USA today for my news. It is the same as the paper copy and offers you details on everything. They also are very good on breaking news. Their best section is Sports. They have the statistics on baseball, football, golf and more

  12. Entrepreneur - If you are interested in starting your own business, then begin with You will find all of the resources you need to start putting your business together.

  13. - What is happening with your favorite stars? Find out here at

  14. White House Kids - Your government has put together a site that helps your kids find out about the government while having fun.

  15. Dr. Seuss - Need I say more or do you simply want Green Eggs and Ham. Visit the playground and you will never want to leave.

  16. - Birds and more from the society that protects our natural friends. Please help them protect our friends.

  17. - Search over 3 million real estate and rental listings. They also offer mortgage rate watch as well.

  18. Biblenotes - Read your bible easily on-line.

  19. InfoPlease - Want to know which are the least livable countries in the world. That question and more are answered here at InfoPlease.

  20. - Play your favorite shockwave games all day long.

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