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ONEKEY redefines IoT Security with UNBLOB

With the release of the new open source component “UNBLOB”, ONEKEY opens its own security and analytics architecture for professional IoT systems. This is the start of a global pilot project to bring security to a new level in the field of industrial control and production systems.

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IT experts call for a bill of materials (SBOM) for device software in IoT Security Report 2022

Shampoo, cookies, canned soup and medicines all have one thing in common: the listing of all ingredients on the package and their traceability back through the manufacturer to the producer of the individual ingredient. Important smart industrial controls, intelligent production plants and devices such as routers, network cameras, printers and many others bring their firmware with operating systems and applications directly along – without a precise proof of the software components contained. Often this means immense risks of infestation by hackers and data thieves in companies using these controls and devices.

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