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What is a SBOM and why is it important for cybersecurity?

Would you like to enhance the security and quality of your software products? Consider using an SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) to get a comprehensive overview of all the components that make up your software. SBOMs can help you identify vulnerabilities, facilitate compliance, and enable better risk management.

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Security Advisory: Asus M25 NAS Vulnerability

This one is special because it affects a NAS device from Asus, which according to them “has been EOL for years“, with the latest firmware version dating back 10 years. Since there’s no fix in sight, we don’t have to wait for the 90 days and can publish the interesting details.

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IoT Security Industry News Q1/2021

In short: We’re hosting webinars on “IoT Security for Your Organization” on March 15 and March 17. We’re kicking off the IoT Inspector Partner Challenge.   We’re checking daily for

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